Burj Dubai / Burj Khalifa, world highest building (828m), 3d-model for Google Earth


Details about the building and the model, links, photos, video and maps and a 3d-PDF, where you can move, rotate and zoom the model inside a PDF-document.

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Details of the building

name Burj Khalifa
adress Dubai
height/size 828m, 162 st., 160x160x160m
completed/by 2010 / Emaar
architects SOM,Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
official website www.burjdubai.com
further links Wiki-DE / Wiki-EN / emporis
View from the Old Town (2008/07)


static map: zoom level z=12
interactive map z=18, click on Google-logo for large window

3d-model for Google Earth / 3d-PDF

This is a very small, efficient 3d-model of the Burj Dubai with only 843 faces and 65 kB filesize for presentation in Google Earth.

screenshot of the model in a 3d-PDF, download here (490kB)


Photos by M.Manhart, 2008/07

georeferenced photos

Georeferenced photos of the Burj Dubai and nearby objects on www.panoramio.com (screenshot),

Video of a 3d-model

Video (3:32, music) about an earlier version of a 3d-model of the building and comparision to other models in Google's 3d-warehouse and some remarks about efficient construction of 3d-models especially for GoogleEarth. This model has synthetic but much sharper textures (also transparent png-textures) with more details and has filesize of 95 kB instead of 65kB.
The top is red colored because the building has reached only 520m at this time.