Oasis Tower, Dubai (UAE) 35-st., 121m, completed 1998

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Details about the building and the model, links, photos, maps and a 3d-PDF, where you can move, rotate and zoom the model inside a PDF-document.

Details of the building

name Oasis Tower
adress Sheikh Zayed Road 107, Dubai
height/size 121m, 35 st.
completed/by 1998
architects Adnan Z Saffarini
further links emporis
click on image >> goto 3d-model in the 3d-warehouse

Maps / Satellite Photos

static map: Dubai, zoom level z=11

static map: Dubai, zoom level z=15

interactive Google Hybrid-Map,zoom level z=17, Large map

3d-model for Google Earth / 3d-PDF

There are different models of the Oasis-Tower in Googles 3-warehouse:

1) by "Anis" : this very simple model has a photoresolution of 20 cm/px or 25 px/sqm, filesize 157 kB.

2) by "kiju" : this is only a copy of model 1), but by changing the texture from jpg to png the model has 774kB at identical level of detail.

3) by me="3dHH" : this model has the same level of detail as 1) + 2), but by more efficient use of components and sensible jgp-compression it has only 14kB, that is 11x/55x smaller than model 1)/2).

4) by me="3dHH" : by using own photos with 4x better resolution than 1-3) (10cm/px or 100px/sqm) it has 72kB as 3d-model. The interactive 3d-pdf has 125kB

Screenshot of model 4) in a 3d-PDF, download here (125kB)


Photos by M.Manhart, 2008/07