Colosseum, Rome(Italy), 3d-model for Google Earth/Maps  

Details about the building and the model, links, photos, maps, Google Street View,

Details of the building and model

height/size 48m, 188 x 156 m
completed 80 AD
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This model is made for Google Earth and simplified for minimal filesize/low polygon-number at reasonable resolution of 10-30cm/pixel. With 240 faces and only 70 kB it is more realistic than the former model in "Best of 3d" with 200 faces and 1206 kB and nevertheless 17x smaller. In November 2008 when the GoogleEarth-layer "Ancient Rome" was published it became the #1 most viewed model in the 3d-warehouse (>7000 views per week)

in 3d-warehouse

Colosseum in Google Street View (static)

The interactive panoramic photos of Googles StreetView are now availiable for some cities of Europe (Paris, Toulouse, Rome, Barcelona ..) and allow to drive through the whole city. Nearly every 10m Googles cars shot a high-resolution 360-degree-photo. You can view map and photo in a split screen or only the photo. For more details you can also watch some videos: Google's Street View or search Yuotube.

Colosseum in Google Street View (interactive)

Large map / You can move around the panorama-photos: drag the photo with the mouse or click on the arrows / control elements.
Keyboard-moving: forward=cursorUp/W, backward=cursorDn/S, left=cursorL/A, right=cursorR/D, viewUp=pageUp, Down=pageDn, zoom=+/-

Maps / Satellite photo

static Map: Rome, zoom level z=11

static Map: Rome, zoom level z=15

interactive Google Hybrid-Map,zoom level z=16, Large Map

Interactive 3d-PDF

Preview of the PDF-page where you can move and zoom the 3d-model (compressed for fast download). Download 3d-PDF (420kB)